The Swedish Conquer Königstein Fortress

The Swedish Conquer Königstein Fortress | 10th -11th June 2023

Huge Reenactment Event

See uniform groups with 300 actors in different encampments with about 100 tents! Experience the daily routine of soldiers in those times – many performances wait for you, among others fencing exercises, deployments with drums and fanfares, cooking over open fire, armourer, button-maker and girdler at work …and of course the storming of the Fortress with cannons and muskets.


Conquest of Königstein Fortress by the Swedish troops (combat performance for one hour)

Historical background

In 1639 – during the Thirty Years’ War – Swedish troops came from Pirna and trekked to Bohemia but they did not charge Königstein Fortress.

The event is included in the regular admission fee.

Experience on the mountain fortress of 9.5 ha

Daily routines of soldiers in those times:

  • cooking over open fire
  • military and civil craftsmanships (armourer, button-maker, girdler)
  • work of an army surgeon
  • pikemen’s and fencing exercises
  • musket and cannon shots
  • recruiting and court scenes
  • musketeer exercises
  • deployments with drums and fanfares
  • the tattoo

Opening hours / Admission fees

Admission fees

including the use of the lift and admission to all exhibitions
Adults 15 €, Concessions 12 €, Family ticket 38 €
more prices and details...

Opening hours

9 a.m. - 6 p.m., most reenactment shows between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

Getting to Fortress Koenigstein

Königstein Fortress is located approx. 35 km south-east of Dresden and can be reached by almost any means of transport. More...

Fortress Express:
There is a courtesy train from the town of Königstein and from the car-park.