FESTUNG AKTIV! 2017 - Outdoor festival

for all fans of mountain-, bike & slackline sports

Youg slackliners above the Elbe valley - new highline record!

Extreme Highline © Slackline Dresden - Thomas Zimmermann

Young slackliners from Leipzig and Dresden will walk on an extremely long and exposed highline - 65 metres from Lighting Oak Plateau to King's Nose. Slackline Dresden e.V. on TV

"Dancing with his bike"

BMX Flatland World Champion Dustyn Alt presents top-class cycling acrobatics in front of the Old Armoury (Altes Zeughaus).


World class slackline show

Lukas Huber, one of the world's best trickslackers turns breathtaking somersaults on the slackline. Take part in his slackline-workshop and try yourself to keep the balance!



Spectacular trial show at parade ground (Paradeplatz) with Sebastian Hopfe & Thomas Helbig from Dresden.


BMX-Biker in der Luft
Trial Show

Activities to take part, try out and test

For courageous and curious people... just try youself!

Mit dem Flying Fox vom Seigerturm zur Goeorgenbatterie
  • "Flying Fox" – ride the surely most spectacular temporary steel cable slide of Germany!
  • low ropes course
  • slackline area with workshop
  • archery & biathlon simulator
  • boating in the parc cistern
  • special guided tours to the giant barrel cellar

Free from giddiness... up and down the fortress walls!

Abseilen an der Festungsmauer


  • abseiling from the fortress wall
  • supervised climbing in Abratzky's chimney
  • tree climbing

For active an creative kids... crafting, biking, diving!

Schnuppertauchen im Pool


  • workshop for handicrafts from natural materials
  • bike parcours for children
  • adventure playground with pony riding, children's zoo, campfire and baking twist bread
  • Activity area of the National parc Saxon Switzerland
  • fortress beach with lawn, bar and pool to try dives
  • aquazorbing
Abseiling from the Fortress

Opening hours / Admission fees

Admission fees

including all activities, shows, the use of the lift and admission to all exhibitions
Adults 17 €, Concessions 12 €, Family ticket 34 €
children in families have free entry

more prices and details...

Opening hours

9 a.m. - 6 p.m., acticities and shows starting from 10 a.m.

Getting to Fortress Koenigstein

Königstein Fortress is located approx. 35 km south-east of Dresden and can be reached by almost any means of transport. More...

Fortress Express:
There is a courtesy train from the town of Königstein and from the car-park.

A thousand thanks to our sponsors and partners for supporting FESTUNG AKTIV 2017!
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