Special Exhibition "1818 Time Leap 2018"

Caspar David Friedrich‘s View of the World in the Mirror of Current Art

An exhibition in cooperation with the Artists’ Association Künstlerbund Dresden e. V.

From 24 March until 7 October 2018 | daily from 10 am - 18 pm

In the centre of the exhibition is the engagement with one of the most well-known works by Caspar David Friedrich, the painting called “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog”. Caspar David Friedrich mainly lived in Dresden from 1778 until his death in 1840. The preparatory works for the famous painting were done in 1813 by means of numerous nature studies in Saxon Switzerland, where the artist withdrew to get away from the horrors of the war in Dresden. Five years later, i.e. 200 years ago, he created his most important landscape in fog.

In this painting, the human loneliness is addressed in relation to the infinity of nature and used as a metaphor for internal frames of mind. However it may also be interpreted as a reaction to the external political situation. In this period, Friedrich developed new image concepts and a new style of painting. He put together parts of the drawings he had done in nature in constructed image spaces with different perspectives and thereby used symmetries and the measures of the golden ratio., In this painting he additionally gives the back figure, which is typical for his work, a downright dominant position. Through it, the contemplator’s view is directed into the depth of the landscape.

Caspar David Friedrich‘s modern image concept still is of interest to today’s artists and definitely relevant due to its artistic approaches. The engagement with his work, the “time leap” from 1818 to 2018 and the connecting, still valid elements are the themes of this exhibition.


Among the exhibits by in total 47 artists are two-dimensional works such as paintings, drawings and graphics, but also plastic works and room installations.

The Exhibition’s Artists

Veronica von Appen (gest. 2017), Rainer Böhme, Willi Boos, Gudrun Brückel, Jürgen Cominotto, Christa Donner, Heinz Ferbert, Rita Geißler, Jochen Fiedler, Kerstin Franke-Gneuss, Mandy Friedrich, Carsten Gille, Petra Graupner, Dirk Großer, Winfried Hänel, Angela Hampel, Christiane Harig, Thomas Hellinger, Heino Hellwig, Frank Herrmann, Mandy Herrmann, Frank Hoffmann, Stella Intchovska, Anton Paul Kammerer, Gabi Keil, Anne Kern, Christian Kirsten, Michael Klose, Janina Kracht, Chris Löhmann, Mechthild Mansel, Frank Mehnert, Michael Melerski/Alexandra Wegbahn, Maja Nagel, Christian  Neuber, Lucas Oertel, Hans-Jürgen Reichelt, Gabriele Reinemer, Elisabeth Richter, Karen Roßki, Luc Saalfeld, Frank Schauseil, Gabriele Seitz, Andre Uhlig, Theresa Wenzel, Reinhard Zabka

Der Künstlerbund Dresden e. V.

With around 450 members and 50 honorary members, Künstlerbund Dresden e. V. (KBD) not only is one of the largest associations of Dresden, but also the strongest eastern German regional association of the German association of fine artists, which has more than 11,000 members.

Künstlerbund Dresden e. V. represents the interests of mostly freelance fine artists and teaches and strengthens fine arts as a cultural good.

In addition to lobbying and representing the interests for fine arts, which is the most important task of KBD, it publically appears with projects and events. Important ones are the artists‘ fair of DRESDEN, the “Open Ateliers of Dresden” and many exhibitions.

picture in the background: detail of the painting "Wanderer above the sea of fog" by Caspar David Friedrich
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