Matthias Hultsch

Well house

Brunnenhaus über dem Tiefbrunnen

Elector Augustus (1526 – 1586) entertained the idea of converting the Medieval castle into a fortress. The prerequisite for that was an independent water supply on the rock plateau, so that they could withstand a long siege and also had enough water for building. Augustus assigned Martin Planer, a surveyor of mines from Freiberg, to sink a well. From 1563 to 1569, miners from the Ore Mountains created the 152.5 meters deep well. For its protection, a wooden house was built.

Today’s Well House was built by the master builder of fortresses Jean de Bodt from 1735 to 1737. Above the well, it has an up to 4.5 meters strong, bombproof sandstone vault. For additional security, a subceiling of granite stamped concrete resting on steel beams was added above the well in 1881.

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