IN LAPIDE REGIS - On the King's Stone

This permanent exhibition is the most important and largest exhibition at Königstein Fortress. Discover the history of Königstein hill from the first mentioning in a document in 1241 until the opening of the museum in 1955, told in a descriptive and entertaining way  in more than 30 rooms . The historic milestones are illustrated by more than 330 exhibits, together with additional models, dioramas and installations of figures.

A visit to the exhibition is equally recommended for groups of children, as there are special texts for children and numerous museum educational offers.

Exhibition texts: German, English, Czech
Required time: at least 1 hour


New exhibition at the Well House

With its depth of 152.5 meters, the well at Königstein Fortress is the deepest one of its kind in Saxony and the second deepest one in Germany. The direct view into the illuminated well shaft and the demonstration of the water extraction with the old electric engine from 1911 are the highights of this exhibition.

The replica of the gigantic treadmill, formerly used to draw the water up, dominates the first exhibition room with its diameter of 7 meters.   A further  new model on the scale of 1:10 shows how the miners from Marienberg sank the well around 450 years ago.

At times when there is no water extraction, a film showing a ride down the well is played. Three large screens show fascinating shots from deep down.

In particular the models of the Well House, horsemill, and steam engine moved by turning a handle are popular with children.

Exhibition texts: German, English, Czech
Required time: at least 30 minutes


State Prison | Building History and History of Use | Fortress around 1900

New permanent exhibitions at George’s Castle from 27 July 2018

An exhibition documents the history of the most feared state prison in Saxony. Thanks to a new media station it is possible to research the fates of a selection of prisoners. In an audio station visitors can hear a fictitious conversation from the 18th century between prisoners at the prisoners’ quarters. Another exhibition area is dedicated to the building history and history of use of George’s Castle.

Additionally, a manually operated mangle (from 1905) as well as the photo documentation “Fortress around 1900” are shown in rooms that have become accessible to the public for the first time.

Activities for children: “Turned through the mangle - for strong aides"

Exhibition texts: German, English, Czech
Required time: at least 30 minutes


The Juvenile Detention Centre at Königstein Fortress (1949 to 1955)

Special exhibition from 5 April - 31 October 2019

In 2019, Festung Königstein gGmbH will dedicate its special exhibition to “The Juvenile Detention Centre Königstein, 1949-55”. 70 years after the foundation of this educational institution, the special exhibition will focus on its development and daily routine. The daily life of the young people is illustrated through installations, photos, documents, and objects.
Audio and video stations will show accounts of contemporary witnesses and documentations.

Exhibition texts: German, English, Czech
Required time: at least 30 minutes


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