Commander’s Garden

Reconstructed ornamental garden around 1900

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Location: Commander's Garden

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The Commander's Garden
Pleasure garden at the Commander's House

Since Königstein was expanded into a fortress, the creation of gardens has enabled the soldiers and officers stationed here and their families to largely self-supply with fruit and vegetables.  The privilege of having a pleasure garden was reserved exclusively for the commanders and deputy commanders. They had multiple garden plots and could separate ornamental and utility gardens. Each commander designed their garden according to their own taste and financial means. There were pleasure pavilions, greenhouses, ornamental trees, and floral decorations. In the 18th century, even peacocks strutted through these gardens."

The Commander’s Garden today - a reconstruction around 1900

Family photos of the fortress commander Theobald Freiherr von Oer (commander of the Königstein fortress 1898 - 1904) from around 1900 show the area as a private retreat for his family.

The garden consisted of several islands of flowers and shrubs surrounded by a lawn. In addition to a small arbour, there was even a skittles game, a swing and a high bar for the children.

Based on these photos, the commandant's garden was reconstructed in its condition around 1900.

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