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Interior exhibition from around 1900

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The Commanders' Flat
Interior exhibition from the time around 1900

At the end of the 16th century, the living quarters for the fortress commander were built in the south wing of the gatehouse. From here, they had a clear view of the then only access point to the fortress. As the highest-ranking commander on Königstein, all military personnel and civilians living here were subordinate to the commander. He was responsible for the lower jurisdiction, he took care of the supply of the soldiers and the impeccable condition of the fortress. He was also responsible for the smooth running of swearing-in ceremonies and flag consecrations as well as the reception of high-ranking personalities.

The living ensemble shown in the exhibition - consisting of a kitchen, study and ladies' room - is modeled on the commander's apartment from the period between 1898 and 1904. The lifelike figure in the study shows the fortress commander Theobald Freiherr von Oer, who was in office during this time.


The reconstructed room shows the room of the fortress commander Lieutenant Colonel Theobald Freiherr von Oer, as it has survived in photographs. It was located on the upper floor of the commandant's house. There was a direct passage to the ladies' room of his wife.

Ladies' room

Between 1914 and 1917, the room on the upper floor was occupied by the wife of Colonels von Tschirschky and Bögendorff. She stayed in it when she was reading, writing letters or doing needlework. With guests, she took a seat in the cosy seating area.


The reconstructed furnishings date from around 1900, when the fortress commander Theobald von Oer lived with his family in the commandant's house: the building already had a drinking water supply. A cooking machine and an icebox were also part of the equipment of a kitchen in the upmarket style of living.

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