Exhibitions in George's castle

State prison | Construction history | The fortress around 1900

Due to construction work inside of George's Castle the exhibitions are temporarily closed until 26 July 2018. We appreciate your understanding!

The exhibitions will be re-opened on 27 July 2018.

The exhibition documents the history of the most feared state prison in Saxony. Visitors will be able to do research on the fate of selected inmates by means of an interactive database. Audio stations make it possible to listen to fictitious  conversations among prisoners and guards of the 18th century.

The exhibition about the construction history of the building has been modernised. It shows the changes of the castle over the centuries.

The exhibition about the everyday life at the fortress around 1900 is installed in renovated rooms of George’s Castle which have never been open to the public before. There will be a mangle which works only with muscular strength and a photo documentation.