Commander’s house

Commander's home

Have a look into the formerly private rooms of the fortress commandant, as they were furnished around 1900.

Living and Working Room

This recreated room shows the study of the fortress commander Lieutenant Colonel Theobald Baron von Oer, as it appeared on photographs. It was on the upper floor of the Commander’s House. There was a direct passageway to his wife’s boudoir.

The Boudoir

Between 1914 and 1917, the wife of Colonel von Tschirschky and Bögendorff lived in this reproduced room on the upper floor. She went here for reading, writing letters, or doing some needlework. She sat down with her guests in the cosy living room suite.

The Kitchen

The recreated furniture dates back to the period around 1900, when the fortress commander Theobald von Oer lived at the Commander’s House with his family. The building already had a drinking water supply system. A stove and a refrigerator were also part of the equipment in an upper class family’s kitchen.

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