Festungsmauer mit Flieder

In the following, you will find current notes for your visit of Königstein Fortress. Special behaviour and hygiene rules apply.

Westbebauung und Seigerturm in der Abendsonne

The fortress gates are open again and we are looking forward to your visit! Please understand that the museum is currently accessible with restrictions only and special hygiene rules for visits to the fortress apply.

Winter on the fortress

The fortress is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.

We wish you a happy New Year!

Historic-romantic Christmas market at Koenigstein Fortress

EVERY ADVENT SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: The historic-romantic Christmas market will welcome you with medieval enjoyments, charming art handicrafts and the play of jugglers and musicians on the Advent weekends...

Whereas the knight prefers to puff himself for his pleasure, the young lady belongs to the non-smokers. Instead, the dragon which protects her spits fiery smoke.

The Historic-romantic Christmas market

A Sky of Stars floods the Christmas market in the casemates (Kasemattenweihnacht) with mild light. It extends the Historic-romantic Christmas market of Königstein Fortress the second time in this year. Many tradesmen offer regional arts and crafts, local delicacies and compelling treats of the Fortress. Christmas music on the market place and in the garrison church, humorous theatre plays for all ages (in German only) and charming jugglery will give a very special atmosphere to the vivid market life. 

Door to the Mysteries in our “Fortress diary” – Our New Blog

In September, the blog of Königstein Fortress will gather speed! We will regularly publish exciting and interesting stories from past and present (in German). Here, you can catch glimpses behind the scenes and will learn about incidents and curiosities at Königstein Fortress that you have never expected.

In former times, celebrations were also very popular at the Fortress. That’s why the complete court was specifically shipped from Dresden to Königstein Fortress. The “Reicher Roter Drache” (in English “Rich Red Dragon”), a new piece in our museum fund, illustrates this cheerful part of the Fortress history.